Plan Management

As an NDIS participant, you can choose how to manage the funding for the supports in your plan. There are three (3) options to manage NDIS funds (ways to pay for your support):
  • Agency Managed: NDIS will directly pay your support/service providers on your behalf.
  • Plan management Agency (PMA): The NDIS will allocate funds for nominated PMA in your plan, who will directly pay your support/service providers on your behalf.
  • Self – Managed: When you or your plan nominee manages your NDIS funding, including claiming and making payment to your service provide through the online portal.
These options will be discussed with you at your NDIS planning meeting and you have the options to choose one of or combination of the above three options.
There is a limitation of being able to use only registered providers with the choice of the Agency (NDIA) managing your NDIS budgets. If you want the flexibility to be able to use non-registered or combination of both registered and non-registered, the NDIS will include a budget for PMA in your NDIS plan at your request to maximise your choice and control. If a budget for PMA is not included in your plan, you have the option to change plan management options at a later date, or at your next review meeting.
By plan managing your NDIS budgets with us, our experienced PMA team with robust knowledge in disability, business, and finance sectors will help you with the financial tasks that come with PMA option. We will work with you to get the most of your plan and ensure that your choice and control works properly for you without hassles. As your nominated PMA, We will assist you to:

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